Access Control Solutions Training at ZKTeco Europe with Iguatec, DRC and Equipnet

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In ZKTeco Europe, we offer comprehensive Access Control solutions training and courses to our partners, which contain valuable information to speed up knowledge on the fastest growing sectors of the biometric and electronic security industry.

Our recent and intense training course was held at our European Experience Center in Madrid on April 1st-2nd. We were happy to have Iguatec (Poland), DRC (Portugal) and Equipnet (Italy) join our classroom study and hands-on practical knowledge sessions and activities.

In just two days we covered our new solutions and product portfolio, our Biometric modules and discussed our history and where are we aiming to in the future. Among some of the highlights, participants showed a special interest in ZKTime Enterprise our most advanced Time & Attendance and Access Control Software developed by ZKTeco Europe.

ZKTime Enterprise Time & Attendance and Access Control Software

ZKTime Enterprise is an advanced T&A application for ZKTeco terminals that allows managing all In/Out attendance and access records, controlling all kind of attendance events (breakfast, lunch, medical, personal business, smoke etc..), accrued balance and payroll methods. Match and process in and out punches automatically after downloading from terminals, warning about odd number punches or days in a special case, facilitating and speeding up the work of attendance management.


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We want to thank Iguatec, DRC and Equipnet joining our training sessions. We believe we successfully established a very fruitful business relationship, by setting up a healthy business strategy and we are looking forward to welcoming other partners shortly.

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