Addtime and ZKTeco Europe are now strategic partners to enhance touchless biometrics solutions in the British market

Addtime and ZKTeco Europe are now strategic partners to enhance touchless biometrics solutions

ZKTeco Europe and Addtime Recording Company Ltd are now Strategic Partners with an ambitious plan to grow the distribution of ZKTeco Europe's latest Time & Attendance touchless biometrics devices and Security solutions to the UK market.

Through this strategic alliance, ZKTeco's solutions will be available to more customers and installers in the British security industry, across multiple markets and verticals, accelerating the adoption of biometrics technology and security initiatives. It will also help diversify, strengthen, and secure the entire value chain with best-in-class quality standards.

Speaking about this collaboration, Tim Groves Sales and Business Development Manager at Addtime:

"The strategic partnership between our two companies will only drive our business to the new heights. Since moving to affordable touchless biometrics 3 years ago with ZKTeco, Addtime sales of hardware have grown considerably, and now facial recognition has become our primary biometric using our market leading software Platinum. The addition of temperature detection devices has also enabled our business during the pandemic to further extend our portfolio and meet the changing needs of the workplace. I look forward to a bright and successful future working with Ciaran and the ZKTeco Europe Team."

To which Ciaran Wolbeck, Subsidiaries Director at ZKTeco Europe, added:

"ZKTeco is delighted in establishing a strategic partnership with Addtime. We believe our collaboration speaks for Addtime’s commitment to add ZKTeco state-of-the-art touchless biometrics solutions to their portfolio, conforming to customer’s needs, as a growing number of businesses and other organizations require affordable and contactless Time Attendance solutions."

We hope customers benefit from the offerings of a wider supply chain ecosystem, opportunities, enhanced global competitiveness, and the added value each organization brings to the Security industry.

About Addtime

Addtime Recording Company Ltd is one of the UK's Leading Specialists in the Supply, Service, and Installation of Biometric Workforce Management Time & Attendance Solutions. Their goal is to reduce workforce costs and improve the productivity of their employees. Addtime provides solutions ranging from traditional clock machines, security patrol systems, and attendance management systems to the next-gen biometric workforce management systems that can network across multiple locations to drive down operational costs and improve productivity in the workplace.

About ZKTeco Europe

ZKTeco is a multinational enterprise, that specializes in the manufacture and development of time and attendance and access control technology. With over 20 years' experience in the global market, it benefits from a highly qualified team of over 3500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants that, together with its R&D and engineering departments, ensures complete in-house production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware, and software. One of the pioneers in multibiometric and RFID technology, ZKTeco’s products are present around the world, with over 180 million users worldwide, and we continue to grow. For more news and information on ZKTeco Europe, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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