GoTime Cloud: Cloud-based Time Attendance Solutions with Temperature Detection

New cloud-based Time Attendance Solutions with Temperature Detection

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak at ZKTeco Europe, we've been working hard to enable organizations to move forward towards touchless biometrics time attendance and workplace access control ensuring employees a safe return to the office or their working premises.

GoTime Cloud is now compatible with ProFace X [TD] + SpeedFace V5L [TD]

Since the concern around employee safety and health has gained paramount importance, we've upgraded our cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution, GoTime Cloud, with the new Sanity Plugin to have full compatibility with our latest touchless biometrics Time Attendance devices, ProFace X TD and SpeedFace V5L TD, with palm, facial recognition, mask detection and body temperature measurement capabilities.

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GoTime Cloud is ZKTeco's cloud-based Time Attendance software

Fast and accurate body temperature measurement and masked individual identification during facial and palm verification at all access points.

Powerful cloud-based Time Attendance solution with staff or visitors temperature and mask detection screening capabilities.  GoTime Cloud is ZKTeco's cloud-based Time Attendance software

GoTime Cloud is an ideal Time Management solution for both, mobile workers or employees working remotely from home, allowing GPS geolocation and a secure return to the office with new touchless biometrics technology compatibilty.

GoTime Cloud: Cloud-based Time Attendance Management

GoTime Cloud is one centralized cloud-computing environment that ensures that all your existing facilities anywhere in the world work in the same way:

  • Centralize your T&A installations in one platform
  • Track staff or visitors with high-temperatures that may indicate infection and build in operating procedures to avoid further contaminations
  • Simplify your Time and Attendance Management
  • Create advanced calendars and tailored schedules
  • Easily view and manage your employees’ incidents or requests
  • Accrued balance hours
  • Generate reports
  • Track attendance with ease allowing remote clock in/out with exact time and GPS locations
 GoTime Cloud, cloud-based Time Attendance software, ZKTeco,

How does GoTime Cloud work?

We have prepared a video demonstrating the main features in GoTime Cloud.

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