ProMA Series Outdoor Biometric Access Control Systems by ZKTeco Europe

Outdoor Biometric Access Control Systems | ProMA Series ZKTeco

ZKTeco launches the ProMA Series outdoor biometric access control systems, a new generation of high-end outdoor multi-biometric access control standalone terminals built with ultra-robust aluminium alloy casing. 

Manage and monitor building access control with ZKTeco's door video entry system incorporating biometric state-of-the-art technology.

This Series comes in three models equipped with different authentication combinations, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and multi-tech RFID recognition: 

  • ProMA (Face+Fingerprint+RFID)
  • ProMA-QR (Face+QR code+RFID)
  • ProMA-RF (Face+RFID) 

An innovative, powerful solution that is easy to install in outdoor or indoor environments, with enhanced protection levels to reach water and dustproof standards (IP66) as well as vandal-proof standards (IK07). 

ProMa Biometric Verification System

Take your Security projects to the next level with the ProMA Series outdoor biometric access control systems:

ProMA Series Outdoor Biometric Access Control Systems by ZKTeco Europe


  • Aluminum alloy casing with IK07 vandal-proof structure, IP66 water and dust resistant
  • Touchless technology for a secure and seamless access control experience
  • Easy installation
  • On-board Web server function
  • Compatible with ZKBioAccess and ZKBioSecurity
  • Operating Voltage 12V DC

Despite its compact size, these terminal’s authentication template capacity is top notch in the industry, which supports up to 10,000 fingerprint / 30,000 face / 5,000 palm / 50,000 RFID. Besides, the authentication speed of these terminals is stunning, facial recognition speed of less than 0.3 sec per face, touchless palm recognition performed in 0.35 per hand, and completed RFID recognition in 0.2 sec, all these incredible features make them a perfect choice for most application scenes.

The series supports the ZKTeco PUSH communication protocol and fully integrates with the latest hybrid biometric technology + computer vision security platform ZKBio CVSecurity V6600.

MA300 Discontinuance

Additionally, we announce that the ProMA Series, replaces the earlier version: MA300. Thanks to the ProMA Series, you will continue to have a robust outdoor access control terminal that incorporates the latest contactless recognition technology to enhance enterprise-wide security.

What's more, its compact design and colour touchscreen display greatly simplify access management, user experience and device configuration.

promas series ma300

ProMA Outdoor Biometric Access Control Systems application scenarios

We bring our best-in-class ProMA Series technology anywhere a door station access control solution is required or a video intercom is needed to provide safe access, verify credentials, and control unauthorized entries:

ProMA Series Outdoor Biometric Access Control Systems by ZKTeco Europe scenarios

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