Time tracking is now mandatory in Germany | GoTime Cloud

Time tracking is now mandatory in Germany | GoTime Cloud

As you know time tracking is now mandatory in Germany to ensure employee working time is recorded. The Federal Labour Court in Erfurt ruled on September 13th, that employers must introduce time-tracking systems to guarantee working hours are recorded in businesses in Germany.

Before, employers were obliged to track working hours exceeding eight hours per day, but in practice, many employers did not comply with these minimum standards. Now, the Federal Labor Court has confirmed that German employers are obliged to track working hours more thoroughly. With the new decision, German employers need to introduce working-time recording systems and avoid a poorly planned implementation of employee time attendance software.

To keep up with the new regulation, ZKTeco provides a versatile range of devices, time attendance systems and workforce management solutions to accurately register employee working hours and optimize productivity on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. 

GoTime Cloud: Cloud-based time-tracking solutions… in German!

Our latest cloud-based time attendance solution, GoTime Cloud is available in German and has been developed to centralize employee real-time information and time attendance data from desktops, smartphones, tablets or onsite devices with fingerprint, RFID, facial or palm recognition technology on a single platform, making this data accessible from web browsers. 


GoTime Cloud includes a complete product version and documentation in German, featuring:

Data is secure in AWS and GDPR Compliant

Companies' and employees’ data is secure in GoTime Cloud because it is a cloud service hosted and protected at AWS (Amazon Web Services) with HTTPS communication protocols. This solution is also GDRP compliant and meets the requirements for properly handling personal data.

Easily view and manage employees’ requests or overtime

Record real-time attendance data from various sources, control punches or view employees’ time allowed for a specific request. Your employees will be able to interact with GoTime Cloud and visualize their data, being able to request changes and submit them for approval.

Report generation

Create and export reports for clocking, absenteeism, accrued balance, attendance events, and much more: Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV file, XML, Excel spreadsheets or PDF.

App for iOS & Android

GoTime Cloud has an app to bring all of the great features of our cloud Time Attendance Management software on our site, to Android and iOS devices. Download the app here: Google Play or AppStore.

Designed for hybrid work and mobile teams

GoTime Cloud, enables employees to check-in remotely and work from home or any other place using a web browser.

API for Developers & Integrators

The solution includes an API for software developers & integrators. Learn more about our API on swaggerhub.com.

Access Control Module

GoTime Cloud includes an access control module with functionalities that support biometric terminals: ProFace X Series, SpeedFace Series, iClock S880, iClock 680 and F22.

Enhanced contactless functionalities

The Sanity Plugin, enables time attendance terminals to also monitor employee temperature and mask usage if necessary.

Exact GPS locations

The solution also allows multi-location company management, with the possibility of data transfers among terminals and web browsers. And the most important function is geolocation with accurate GPS position records to cover mobile workers or agile working.

Create advanced calendars and tailored schedules

Configure and assign shifts, keeping all operating hours covered. 

ZKTeco's comprehensive working time recording systems

Here is a list of our GoTime Cloud compatible time and attendance terminals

  • ProFace X
  • ZPad Plus & ZPad Plus RFID
  • S922
  • iClock S880
  • iClock 680
  • iClock S560
  • iClock 560
  • UFace401/402
  • UA760 & UA860
  • SpeedFace V5L TI & SpeedFace RFID TD
  • F22 RFID, F22

If you need to find another T&A device check: https://zkteco.eu/products/time-attendance

ZKTeco has been at the forefront of time attendance solutions for the last 30 years, integrating advanced biometric technologies with innovative and versatile terminals. Contact our team for a free quote or our expert advice today. 

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