ZKTeco strengthens its Security offerings with Eyescan in Cyprus

ZKTeco strengthens its Security offerings with Eyescan

Madrid, April 25th, 2023 - ZKTeco Europe, a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Eyescan Security Systems to distribute our products and services across Cyprus.

With the rise of integrated systems and the increasing need for robust access control solutions, ZKTeco Europe recognizes the importance of partnering with established and reputable distributors to ensure that our products reach a wider audience. We are delighted to join forces with Eyescan Security Systems, a highly respected distributor known for its commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Under this agreement, Eyescan Security Systems will be authorized to distribute ZKTeco's entire range of access control and security solutions, including Time and Attendance, Access Control, CCTV and Entrance Control. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach and provide customers in Cyprus with the security tools they need to make environments safer for people, properties, and businesses.

Oscar López, General Manager at ZKTeco Europe, comments on this collaboration:

“We are excited to partner with Eyescan and are confident that their expertise and reputation will enable us to reach new customers and markets. By combining our technology with their distribution network, we believe that we can help businesses stay ahead of emerging threats.”

To which, Herodotos Stylianou, CEO of Eyescan Security Systems, points out:

“ZKTeco Europe is a well-respected leader in the security industry, and we are thrilled to add their products to our portfolio. We believe that this partnership will provide our customers with the innovative solutions they need to stay protected in an ever-changing landscape.”

We look forward to a successful partnership with Eyescan Security Systems and are confident that together, we can help businesses mitigate risks, protect their assets, and achieve their security goals.

About Eyescan

Eyescan Securities Systems was founded in 2001 and is a security solutions distributor based in Cyprus. They especialize in designing, selling, installing, integrating, and maintaining security systems in the region to detect intrusion and monitor access control. Using only the top quality and most advanced technology available, they provide clients with tailor made solutions to help them protect their homes, businesses, and assets. For more information about Eyescan visit their website: https://eyescan.com.cy/about-us/

About ZKTeco Europe

ZKTeco is a multinational enterprise, specializing in the manufacture and development of advanced CCTV, Time & Attendance, and Access Control technology. With over 30 years of experience in the global market, ZKTeco benefits from a highly qualified team of over 3500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants that, together with its R&D and engineering departments, ensure complete inhouse production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware, and software. One of the pioneers in multibiometric and RFID technology, ZKTeco’s products are present around the world, with over 180 million users worldwide. For more news and information on ZKTeco Europe, please subscribe to our newsletter. Connect with us!

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