3G Rule at Work | ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers

3G Rule at Work ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers

Governments in Europe are progressively enforcing covid vaccines mainly to help manage the pandemic, prevent lockdowns, and help ease pressure on hospitals & healthcare centers. Following Italy and Bulgaria, the Austrian 3G rule at work is being enforced at entrance control venues and businesses to scan for mandatory vaccination passports. And from November 1st, all workplaces in Austria must be compliant with the 3G Rule.

What is the 3G Rule?

The 3G rule stands for the German words: geimpft, genesen, getestet meaning vaccinated, recovered, tested. As part of the fight against Covid-19 propagation, government authorities have determined measures that have an impact on public spaces or transport activities, workplaces, travel, restaurants, services, gyms, events or hospitals among many more. Countries are provided with time to implement and adapt their entrance or access control systems to meet the requirements of the 3G rule.

3G Rule at work

At workplaces where people are in contact with others, employers and employees must be 3G compliant. To ensure continuity of both business and local services, and at the same time protect the health of employees or visitors, in many offices and companies, the 3G Rule at work will be mandatory. The 3G Rule will be effective to aid the fight against the pandemic helping to prevent the spread of the outbreaks protecting people and health care systems.

To ease entrance control venues and security processes ZKTeco has incorporated and automated Green Pass QR Code scanning solution to its latest biometrics terminals and access control devices which are compatible with all the ZKTeco turnstiles and speed gate product range and with most third-party entrance control systems. ZK Green Pass is available for access control terminals ZPad Plus QR, SpeedFace-V5L QR, or ZPad Plus 4G for EU Digital COVID Certificate verification.

ZK Green Pass QR Code vaccine passport readers

ZKTeco's Green Pass QR Code Readers are designed to be set up at key entry points allowing different setups depending on location and requirements. ZKTeco offers solutions for entries that require stationary solutions, turnstiles or a wall-mounted setup, or portable solutions for reception desks, or mounting brackets.

3G Rule at Work | ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers

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 3G Rule at Work | ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers 3G Rule at Work | ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers
3G Rule at Work | ZKTeco’s New Vaccine Passport Readers

In this video you can see how the solution works:

Among some of the key features of ZKTeco's Green Pass QR Code Readers are:

  • Entrance relay to access doors, activate turnstiles or acoustic alarms.
  • Plug & Play QR Code readers.
  • Support all EU country's QR codes.
  • Real-time query into the EU database.
  • Investment protection: Future proof Access Control & Time Attendance solutions.
  • Ensure proper authorization of users entering and exiting facilities.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of individuals (not storing any data).

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