VR10 ZKTeco´s new Vehicle Detection Radar Sensor for Parking Barriers

VR10 vehicle detection radar sensor

ZKTeco launches VR10, a new vehicle detection radar sensor for short-range outdoor applications to accurately detect vehicles that are both stationary or in motion.

VR10 Vehicle Detection Radar Sensor for Parking Barriers

VR10 is the ideal car barrier sensor to detect and identify vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks), pedestrians, and small (distant) objects within a detection area from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier.

Thanks to its built-in anti-collision radar sensor, VR10 helps prevent vehicles from running into obstacles, damaging property or passers-by through linkage with the main board of the barrier while allowing automatic boom opening and closing.


  • Simple and versatile installation and integration
  • IP67 protection suitable for outdoor installation
  • Detection distance can be adjusted from 1m - 6m
  • Two relays and RS485 communication support
  • Straight boom (default); folding, fence and advertising boom (optional)
  • Supports vehicle and people detection

How to install VR10 parking sensor?

Barriers provide access to parking lots, airports, logistics facilities or corporate premises, among many more applications. In this video see how easy it is to install, debug or operate VR10 parking sensor for parking barriers and gates.

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