GoTime Cloud New Website & Partner Program

GoTime Cloud New Website & Partner Program

We are excited to announce that our cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution, GoTime Cloud, now has a new website and Partner Program!

At ZKTeco Europe, we've been working hard to enable organizations to move forward towards touchless biometrics time attendance systems, featuring palm and facial recognition, ensuring employees a safe return to the office or workplace, and cloud-based T&A solutions to adapt to the future of organizations and employees clocking in and out remotly, using the internet and multiple devices with GPS location.

This is why the new GoTime Cloud website let's you easily manage everything related to your Time and Attendance Management Solution such as purchasing your annual T&A plans, renewals, getting resources, technical support and the latest news!

Time tracking made easy: GoTime Cloud

GoTime Cloud is the cloud-based time management solution of choice for more than 50.000 users. In GoTime Cloud user data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services, one of the most convenient and efficient online data servers in the world. Also, with the new API, we provide third parties, software developers, and integrators around the world with the necessary resources to create customized solutions.

And now, with our Partner Program you can incorporate GoTime Cloud into your product portfolio and sell our cloud-based time attendance annual plans to your customers and organizations. For information on how to join the Partner Program read more.

Join our Partner Program: Benefit from discounts, build your own rewarding business

As a GoTime Cloud partner, you'll get exclusive resources and access to our platform to help you promote your network:

GoTime Cloud Become a Partner

1) Apply to join our Partner Program: Now, you can join our Partner Program and incorporate our GoTime Cloud solution into your product portfolio. As a Partner, you can build your business and benefit from a discount on our solutions.

2) Access your own partner platform and create your client base: Create your client base with the companies and clients of your choice.

3) Assign flexible and scalable plans for your client's: Our plans are tailored to adapt to your company's or clients time attendance needs as they grow. Choose and assign the best plan for each one!

With our Partner Program become a prescriber and incorporate GoTime Cloud into your product portfolio and sell our cloud-based time attendance technology to your customers and organizations. Benefit from:

  • More customers and profitable WFM business solutions
  • Easy customer administration and control panel
  • Agile transaccions using credit cards
  • Easy billing and automatic renewal process
  • No minimum number of licenses required
  • Only pay for the licenses you sell and benefit from discounts
  • Powered by AWS Cloud-based business platform
  • Collaborate for success: Co-branding & Case Studies

Time Attendance Management Terminals: Advanced touchless biometrics technology

GoTime Cloud is compatible with our biggest biometrics trends and Android-based Time Attendance terminals supporting biometric palm-vein, face and fingerprint identification, QR Code, RFID Cards, badges and passwords:

Compatible ZKTeco devices:

GoTime Cloud New Website & Partner Program

Try a free demo. Are you ready to try out GoTime Cloud?

Our GoTime Cloud demo gives you access to the full Time Attendance management solution, so you can experience its full power. There’s no time limit on the demo »

User: admin

Password: 1234

And one last thing URL update for new GoTime Cloud registrations

Just so you know, if you are already using GoTime Cloud for time tracking in your company or for your clients, from now on, any new company registrations will use the GoTime Cloud domain. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager.

GoTime Cloud solution features

  • Centralize your installations in one platform
  • Create advanced calendars and tailored schedules
  • Easily view and manage your employees’ incidents or requests
  • Accrued balance hours
  • Generate reports
  • New contactless functionalities: Plugin Sanity and QR code punching
  • Remote clock in/out tracking with the exact time and GPS locations
  • Supports Palm-Vein / Face / Fingerprint / QR Code / RFID Cards / Badges / Passwords
  • Available GoTime Cloud App to bring all of the great features of our cloud Time Attendance Management software on our site, straight to your Android and iOS devices
  • API for developers. Get the resources to create customized Time and Attendance Solutions for your clients
  • Supports Firefox 27+ / Chrome 33+

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