ZKTeco's principles of Access Control with Mask Detection

ZKTeco’s principle of Access Control with Mask Detection

Face masks have become a part of daily lives in the age of the coronavirus. To prevent people from acquiring the coronavirus, respiratory or infectious pathogen, and blocking larger particles from sneezes or coughs of asymptomatic people, face-covering with surgical or face masks is mandatory in many places such as office buildings, hospitals, public transportation facilities or even retail stores and restaurants. 

ZKTeco’s leading-edge facial recognition solution with mask detection can quickly identify and track everyone in a crowd as they move about and simultaneously help recognize guests and personnel who are not wearing masks and restrict access. 

What is ZKTeco Access Control with Mask Detection 

Mask detection technology uses a Computer Vision algorithm to detect if a person is wearing a face mask while acquiring and analysing face data before access granted. 

Besides identifying people wearing masks, ZKTeco's security system with this technology is more expeditious, convenient, and reliable in monitoring mask-wearers and passers-by trying to access the restricted areas. The solution is flexible and easy for people to deploy. 

In some situations, face masks are mandatory or even recommended. Access control with mask detection is a simple solution to help reduce the risk of getting infected, and also a good reminder to wear masks before entering the controlling areas. 

  • Safer: Touchless measurement to avoid physical contact 
  • Faster: Mask detection in half a second per person 
  • Smarter: Detection with Computer Vision, significantly reducing the FAR 

Main Functions of Access Control with Mask Detection 

Mask detection technology is dominant in recognizing and identifying a human face, whether he/she is wearing a face mask. Through the wide-angle of the lens, face data acquired by the access control terminal will be instantly compared with those face data stored in the database. 

ZKTeco’s principle of Access Control with Mask Detection

How does ZKTeco’s Mask Detection Work 

The entire masked face image classification pipeline can be split into two parts as follows: 

  • Part 1: Educate the Face Mask Detector
  • Part 2: Deploy the Face Mask Detector 
  • Applied Deep Learning Technology: Resnet101 
  • Applied Deep Learning Tool: Pytorch 

Part 1: Educate the Face Mask Detector 

ZKTeco principle of Access Control with Mask Detection

Part 2: Deploy the Face Mask Detector 

ZKTeco’s principle of Access Control with Mask Detection

ZKTeco Access Control with Mask Detection Advantages 

Proactive long-distance mask detection 

Because of the combination with the visible light facial recognition technology, the recognition distance of ZKTeco’s mask detection greatly extends to up to 2.5 meters, significantly boosting the maximum traffic rate for mask detection plus authentication checks. 

Touchless Sensor 

The facial recognition and non-contact features facilitate mask detection without touching. It is not only crucial for the safety of workers but also minimization of potential product contamination. 

Extra-wide angle recognition (+/- 30 degrees) 

While most of the algorithms only support a 15-degree facial recognition tolerance, ZKTeco’s mask detection supports a much wider tolerance angle of 30-degree for facial recognition. 

Fast, accurate and convenient 

ZKTeco’s mask detection is fast, accurate, and convenient to use. The response time (from screening to display) of a mask detection is typically about one-half seconds that might assist people in having fast track access to the monitored area. 

Body temperature measurement 

ZKTeco combines the technology with infrared temperature detection to provide accurate and fast temperature screening during identity verification. 

Wide Range of Mask Detection Products 

ZKTeco offers a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs of global customers, from facial recognition terminals that all integrate with mask detection. With an emphasis on quality, technology, and cost-effectiveness, ZKTeco seeks to offer the best solution in a wide range of dimensions. 

ProFace X [TD] Facial and palm recognition visible light ZKTeco access control device with fever detection SpeedFace-V5L [TD] face and palm recognition terminal with body temperature measurement and mask detection with barrier installation ZKTeco SBTL8033 with body temperature measurement touchless entrance control swing barrier ZKTeco

ProFace X TD

SpeedFace V5L TD


ZKTeco Products Applications 

ZKTeco’s touchless biometric solution are a great choice for preventing people or patients from touching door handles. The solution has been widely used in many practical scenarios, including hospitals, educational institutes, factories, construction sites, shopping malls, IT parks, public transportation, banks, business organizations, small to medium enterprises, government organizations and so on. 

ZKTeco’s principle of Access Control with Mask Detection

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