ZKTeco reaffirms its confidence in Casmar as a Strategic Partner

ZKTeco reaffirms its confidence in Casmar as a Strategic Partner

ZKTeco Europe (ZKTeco), a worldwide leading manufacturing company in biometric access control and time attendance solutions, after more than 6 years of successful collaboration with Casmar Group, announces Casmar Group's distinct status to "Gold Distribution Partner" for the access control product line.

ZKTeco is the world's leading manufacturer specializing in the development of biometric verification technology for application in an extensive variety of access control solutions and with a strong commitment to R&D. Casmar Group is ZKTeco's trusted distributor in the Iberian Peninsula for the access control product line. Casmar offers ZKTeco’s solutions for many markets, including small- and medium-sized businesses, retail, education, government, and more, delivering customers the chance to meet a range of budget and security requirements. ZKTeco´s product line ranges from simple standalone devices to the most complex solutions to secure pedestrian and vehicular accesses with high-quality turnstiles, barriers, multi-door control panels or facial recognition systems, which are now highly demanded solutions for body temperature detection or contactless access control.

Jordi Alonso, director of Casmar's Access Control Division, points out that this collaboration:

"Strengthens and recognizes us as leaders and experts in access control solutions. As a company, this distinction, is also the result of our track record, our commitment to manufacturers and customers, and everything Casmar Group stands for".

To which, Fernando Ducay, CEO of ZKTeco Europe, added:

“There is raising and strong market demand for Security solutions and because of this agreement, more businesses will benefit from the unique features and reliable performance that our systems deliver; Many customers will benefit from Casmar’s robust training resources and vast knowledge and experience in security and integration. Their professionalism and quality of service, as well as its strong commercial and technical support, are important assets".

Casmar Group strengthens and supports ZKTeco's extensive catalogue, offering high-quality solutions developed with cutting-edge technology. The wide range of references included, from simple systems based on standalone equipment to the most sophisticated solutions, made up of turnstiles, barriers, multi-door control panels or facial recognition systems.

In the new catalogue, it is also worth highlighting the recently launched and highly demanded solutions for body temperature detection or contactless access control, developed in response to the needs that currently exist due to the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic.

ZKTeco thus reaffirms Casmar's experience and position in the Iberian market and confirms with this agreement the positioning and leadership of Casmar in the security sector.

About Casmar

Casmar began its activity as a global distributor of electronic security products in Barcelona in 1978. Today, Casmar's mission is to offer comprehensive security solutions and high value-added services. A differential value that, for four decades, they have maintained with their customers, suppliers, sales and marketing teams. They have an exceptional team of professionals, with the knowledge, experience and professionalism to tackle any project and adapt to the necessary changes that allow them to continue growing with their customers. For more information: www.casmarglobal.com

About ZKTeco Europe

ZKTeco is a multinational enterprise, specialized in the manufacture and development of advanced CCTV, Time & Attendance and Access Control technology. With over 30 years presence in the global market, ZKTeco benefits from a highly-qualified team of over 3500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants that, together with its R&D and engineering departments, ensures complete inhouse production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware and software. One of the pioneers in multibiometric and RFID technology, ZKTeco’s products are present around the world, with over 180 million users worldwide. For more news and information aboutZKTeco Europe, please subscribe to the Newsletter.

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