Access Control Terminal People Counting Solution powered by ZKBioSecurity-MTD

ZKTeco People Counting Solutions with ZKBioSecurity and ProFace X

ZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting System integrates access control, facial recognition and video surveillance, to automatically count and control people traffic conveniently, precisely and effectively. ZKTeco's People Counting System is an optimal choice for businesses which require better people counting performance and turning manual people counting digital. It enables management to effortlessly:

Monitor crowd traffic

Control the number of people in certain areas

Integrate entrance control, tracking, and instant notification of the event and instant view of crowd status

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What is People Counting?

People Counting is a crucial measure for crowd traffic control for both better safety and user experience. ZKTeco with our advanced technologies turns it digital for greater convenience, preciseness and efficiency.

ZKTeco integrates computer vision technology with people counting system, the new generation of facial recognition systems are able to automatically count the number of people in a certain site, once it detects that the number of people counted exceeds the maximum preset value, an alarm will be triggered and the door will be automatically closed to prevent entry to the site to effectively control crowd and traffic.

ZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting System

How does People Counting work for crowd control in Access Control Terminals?

In this video see how ZKTeco’s highly accurate People Counting solutions work in Access Control Terminals. This solution allows you to monitor high-traffic areas and accurately track and keep record of the precise number of people present in a building or area in real-time:

People Flow and Line Management

  • Cost Saving Deployment

Our People counting solution deploys ZKTeco’s standalone access control terminals, which are critical in any door area, as they allow only authorized people to enter. By combining people counting functions and multi-verification systems (including facial recognition, fingerprint and ID card etc.), costs are effectively saved by just installing one access control terminal to count people entering a particular area, hence which saves money meanwhile maximizing convenience, efficiency and security.

  • Traffic Flow Monitoring

People flow has always been a challenge to staffs in holiday and sale promotion. ZKTeco People Counting System ensures that a particular area is not overcrowded, as it automatically counts everyone entering a specific area, with a display of the exact number of people walking through the door, which is significantly useful to staffs to monitor traffic flow compared with the old manual people counting method.

  • Various People Counting Decisions

ZKTeco has a scalable and flexible access control system that can be integrated with an entrance control system in entrances of the building. It is enabled to perform traffic track, tracking particular persons’ entry and exit or other people counting functions with ZKTeco’s flexible people counting system.

  • High Security

Overcrowding in a closed space can cause severe danger, ZKTeco’s people counting system offers monitoring function to grant access without charging any extra security cost.
When the traffic rate exceeds the maximum level, the door will be locked to make sure the business are on a strong security presence.
ZKTeco’s people counting system also enables global linkage extension to alarm, email and video, letting administration staffs or security staffs know the instant traffic data if there is any emergency action needed.

Access Control Terminal People Counting Solution

ZKTeco provides an efficient way to control human traffic with a facial recognition system to control the maximum occupancy, people and well counted and in case the number of people exceeds the maximum level of the occupancy, alarms/ door lock will be triggered and therefore disallowing people to access to the particular zone.

ZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting SystemZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting System

The people counting function is designed for retail, entrainments venues, shopping centre, retail chain, museum restaurant, as it provides a wide range of useful figures of people traffic. With our advanced technology, it is now enabled to work with the functions of access control, time attendance, elevator control, visitor, video surveillance with its combined technologies.

  1.  Access Control Terminal: Access control identifies users by various biometric credentials, which include facial recognition function, people only need to stand in front of the camera within 3m distance to gain access and will be counted at the same time when they enter the particular area.
  2. Entrance Control: An entrance control system is also used as a counter, which is typically combined with an access control terminal, so people will be counted when they request entry. It is generally an optimal application in high crime area or high-security facilities.
  3. Software (ZKBioSecurity-MTD): ZKBioSecurity-MTD is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains multiple integrated modules: Access control, Time and Attendance, consumption management, elevator control (online/offline), hotel module, visitor management, parking, guard patrol and video linkage. With its newly added function of people counting, it provides the most advanced solution for whole new user experience.
ZKBioSecurity ZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting System

Crowd Control & Occupancy Management in Access control systems

ZKTeco people counter is based on computer vision technology – visible light recognition. When people walk through the camera, the receiver detects the human face with a screen displaying a total number of people. The counted number will be shown with green or red background indicating different occupancy status.

ZKTeco’s access control terminal People Counting System
  • Counting Function of Access Control

The combination of people counter and facial recognition makes our system very versatile. Once the people enter the specific area and face to the camera, they will be counted with a screen displaying the total number of people.

  • Works with All-in-One software - ZKBioSecurity-MTD

ZKTeco integrates people counting function into ZKBioSecurity-MTD Software to provide an effective way to manage in-store capacity. ZKBioSecurity-MTD is a web-based software, once connected to the network, it is able to check real-time capacity data on the web browser anywhere. Besides, people counting screen can be installed in entrance and exit, to provide an instant capacity at the door to assist staffs to decide if people can still access to the secured area.

  • 3 Metres Recognition Distance and Extra-wide Angle Recognition

The visible light facial recognition is way quicker than the previous near-infrared facial recognition, and the recognition distance has been greatly extended up to 3 meters long, which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate.

While most of the algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, ZKTeco’s access control and counting system support 30-degree angle facial recognition.

ZKTeco Europe Access Control Terminal People Counting Solution
  • Global Linkage

One of the highlighted functions of the counting function is global linkage. It is able to automate system cross-platform interactive functions and notifications system. There are multiple tiers to the alert process including alarm, email notification and video linkage.

  • Alarm and Door Lock

Alarm sensor device and magnetic door sensor can be connected to the alarm input ports. With the people reach the maximum level of capacity, the linkage will be activated, the door sensor can trigger the status of the front door and the alarm will sound if the devices are set off.

  • Email Notification

Email notification allows the system to automatically send out an email to notify administrators once the people reaches its maximum capacity.

  • Video Linkage

Enables photo capture, video recording and pop-up video to warn administrators, when the monitoring the area is overcrowded, the video recording system is able to capture and save footage before the events occur. Video footage length could be up to 180 seconds.

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