ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

As students across Europe return to school, new challenges are presented. Returning to school following the COVID-19 quarantine with in-person instruction requires flexibility and extra attention to routines and the environment. When determining how to set up the most adequate school access control systems for a successful 'back to school', we should consider the various people and roles involved (e.g., student, teacher, staff) and the array of tasks and occupations (e.g., learning, playing, studying, or eating) performed in each environment.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, ZKTeco has made it an absolute priority to upgrade and enhance our touchless biometrics access control systems with new features like temperature, mask detection and occupation control, ensuring the necessary social distance can be kept and providing the best protection for the education sector.

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3 tips to select the best School Access Control Systems

With the school season starting, schools and universities are exploring our different technologies and solutions to enable a safe reopening, both in the public and private sector. When it comes to the health and safety of your students, faculty, and staff employees, there’s no room for error.

ZKTeco screening systems are easy to set up, allow smooth operation, and produce results in seconds, offering the highest level of accuracy. Our solutions are also designed to easily integrate into existing customer workflows and security systems.

Before adopting a school access control system with temperature detection capabilities here are three tips that will help you to make the best decisions:

Determine the locations where you need to conduct temperature screening to set-up the main access control necessities.

Ensure you select solutions that respect privacy policies and are GDPR compliant.

Bear in mind that your today’s temperature detection access control solution will still be your tomorrow’s access control system as implementing temperature screening functionality can be easily disabled.

How to go Back to School safely with ZKTeco Solutions

ZKTeco biometric touchless technology helps you to adopt the most suitable solutions in each screening location. Returning to school means students and staff will be following an everyday routine: driving to school, entering school to go to class, gymnastic classes, lunch breaks... and school’s staff has to attend their varied responsibilities. ZKTeco can help in providing the best solutions for each school scenario and for users of all ages and heights.

Determining which locations are the best for school access control temperature checks and the most suitable solutions will depend on physical sites and people flow:

  School bus onboard Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

  Student & Staff entryways Temperature Screening

  Cafeterias, Gyms & libraries

  Time Management Solutions for staff and teachers

School bus onboard Temperature Screening & Mask Detection: ProFace X [TD] / SpeedFace RFID

The school bus is one of the most extended transportation means for students. Maintaining social distance in an orderly row, carrying out safety temperature screening before on-boarding and checking whether students are wearing protective masks will help keep bus travel safe.

 ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

  • ProFace X [TD] is the perfect school access control system for this purpose as it can easily be vertically mounted.
  • SpeedFace RFID is an Access Control Terminal with Facial and Palm Recognition Features with multiple verification methods: Face / Card / Password / Palm

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Student & Staff entryways Temperature Screening: ZK-TD100 / ZK-178S / ZN-T5

Upon arriving at the school or campus, students and staff shall be guided to the pre-set entrance control points for temperature measurements and mask control before entering buildings. ZKTeco offers a variety of non-invasive solutions to provide safe temperature checks for students and staff. It is important to check temperatures at the building's entrance and drive orderly rows of students and staff members. We also have solutions for high-volume student entryways, as well as for lower flows to ensure classes begin on time while maintaining students' and staff safety.

ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

  • Thermal cameras ZN-T5 provide real-time video surveillance with body temperature measurement; synchronizing measurements automatically, with a response time of 30 milliseconds when students and staff pass through the detection area. It is the indicated solution for high volume traffic points, with an operator who monitors the pass/fail temperature test results. In the event that a high temperature is detected, light and sound alerts go off, as well as text and email notifications. The response lets the individual know if they should proceed into the facility or stop.
  • ZK-TD100 infrared thermometer system and access control checkpoint that lets you measure temperature using your forehead or wrist. It allows counting interactions and alarm activation. Ideal to reduce manpower requirements as it does not require an operator. These self-checking points are the best and easiest to use professional school access control system.
  • Hand-held thermal camera ZK-178S, a thermal imaging camera with point-and-shoot technology that allows quick and easy temperature monitoring. This is a simple and safe device for screening skin temperature accurately and quickly. It is very suitable for monitoring temperature in little kids that can’t use other methods by themselves

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Cafeterias, Gyms & libraries: ProFace X [TD] + People Counting Solutions

In these areas, where masks are not worn consistently, it is necessary to control the seating-capacity to make sure the occupation level ensures maintaining the safety distance between individuals. When the areas have reached their occupation maximum level the system will not allow access:

ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

  • ProFace X [TD] mounted on a pole, wall or turnstile powered by ZKBioSecurity-MTD can easily manage the occupation level denying the access to students and staff when the limit is exceeded.

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Time Management Solutions for staff and teachers: G3 Pro / TDM95 / ProFace X [TD]

To support school management and staff during the reopening of schools, ZKTeco has launched Biometric Time Attendance devices with palm recognition and simple plug and play temperature detection solutions for PC, laptops or integration with third party’s devices supporting USB connections:

ZKTeco Back to School Access Control Systems with temperature detection

  • G3 Pro + TDM95: Contactless Time & Attendance terminal with TDM95 external temperature detection sensor to make screening employees fast and easy. They can be powered by ZKTime Enterprise, Biotime 8.0 or GoTime Cloud advanced Time management applications. Tracking individuals’ identity within your organization to increase safety and security when your staff start working will be a breeze.
  • TDM95: USB Temperature Reader is a convenient cost-effective solution for integration with third party’s T&A, Access Control, PC or laptops.
  • ProFace X [TD]: Includes Time Attendance funcionalities and restricts access to certain areas or buildings automatically granting or denying access based on biometric identification mask detection and temperature readings.
  • Exit Button solutions, such as TLEB101 and TLEB102, using infrared and optical technology are specially designed for contact-free door opening to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Our exit buttons have a detection range of 0.1 - 10 cm.

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School Access Control Systems & Products

View all products and solutions for vertical contactless access control for the education sector:

ProFace X  [TD] ZKTecos Touchless Biometrics with Fever Detection ZK-TD100 Body temperature Measurement Access Control Checkpoint ZKTeco ZN-T1 Plus Body Temperature Detection Network Camera ZKTeco Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager with Audio Alarm for Body Temperature Measurement ZKTeco

ProFace X [TD]                            


                ZN-T5                                  ZK-178S
G3 Pro is the ultimate biometric Time Attendance device launched by ZKTeco ZKTeco TDM95 USB Temperature Sensor
G3 Pro  TDM95  TLEB101 & TLEB102 Exit buttons  People counting + ZKBioSecurity

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