ZKTeco's Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

ZKTeco touchless biometric solutions for hospitals with temperature detection

Hygienic, hands-free, and accurate biometric identification is undoubtedly one of the best-known access control solutions in public areas, especially in hospitals, medical centres and clinics. Using touchless biometrics authentication devices help us avoid touching surfaces and door handles that people share in their day to day activities.

The latest ZKTeco biometrics solutions help reduce the risk of picking up germs from handles or other non-touchless biometric terminals. This new line of access control and time attendance devices also help measure the accurate body temperature of all users at access points and identifies if a user is wearing a mask. 

Touchless biometrics & Hospital Solutions

In medical facilities, access points and door handles are some of the most vulnerable areas in terms of the spread of infection. Basic door operations such as contactless opening and closing is a crucial shield in the fight against cross-infection.

ZKTeco’s touchless biometric solutions have been specifically developed to contribute to preventing people or patients from touching doors or handles. The solutions have been widely adopted and used in many practical scenarios, including private & public hospitals, institutions, medical & health centres, clinics, isolation wards, and so on.

Suitable Industries

ZKTeco's Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Benefits of adopting ZKTeco Touchless biometrics solutions

ZKTeco has developed touchless biometric devices that can proactively acquire face and palm data to perform biometric template comparison and identity verification with computer vision technology after installation. Once being recognized, registered staff can enter and exit specific restricted areas, without wasting valuable time waiting in line.

Benefits of adopting ZKTeco Touchless biometrics solutions

Facial Recognition with Access Control Terminals

Visible Light Facial Recognition (Access Control Terminals)

Speed of facial recognition using visible light is way faster than that using ordinary near-infrared; the recognition distance of the solution has been greatly extended to 2.5 meters as well, boosting the maximum traffic rate significantly.

ZKTeco Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Wide Angle Recognition

While most of the algorithms only support angle of tolerance of +/-15°, ZKTeco’s solution allows the angle of position of +/-30°

ZKTeco Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Ultra-fast Verification in Less Than 0.3s

ZKTeco Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Benefits of using Facial Recognition in medical industries

  • ZKTeco combines the technologies with infrared temperature detection to provide an accurate and fast temperature screen during identity verification.
  • Visitor’s images will be captured and added to the visitor log along with their body temperature record and the time visited.
  • Touchless access control allows medical service providers or patients to get access without contact, which might assist in reducing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria via door handles.
  • The integration of ultra-fast and long-distance verification and wide-angle recognition provides the best way for medical service providers to have a quick move on emergency access.
  • After photo registration, patients’ identities can be recognized quickly at each entry. Staff can also perform double verification on tablets or computers by reviewing photos of patients.

Palm Recognition with Access Control Terminals

Palm Recognition

ZKTeco’s touchless palm authentication method with a novel hand tracking technique allowing angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis and a recognition distance of 50cm is certainly eliminating hygienic concerns while maintaining accurate and effective high-level biometric recognition quality. Users won’t have to struggle to touch any sensor anymore.

ZKTeco Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Ultra-Speedy Recognition in Less Than 0.5s

This cutting-edge technology can perform palm recognition in less than 0.5 seconds when a registered person simply puts his/her hand over the camera of the access control terminal.

ZKTeco Advanced Touchless Biometrics and Hospital Solutions

Benefits of using Palm Recognition in medical industries

  • Palm recognition plays a vital role in infection control as part of the public health system that helps users avoid touching things.
  • It allows the best and easiest integration of access control for people to get access to building security systems.
  • Touchless palm authentication maintains the highest biometric recognition accuracy and user-friendly high-level recognition quality.
  • The anti-spoofing technology has been greatly enhanced, and palm recognition is a critical shield in the fight against cross-infection.

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