New Temperature Detection Modules in ZKTeco Access Control Software

New Temperature Detection Modules in ZKTeco Access Control Software ZKBioAccess ZKBioSecurity

At ZKTeco we've upgraded ZKBioAccess IVS and ZKBioSecurity access control software with new temperature detection modules to meet the needs of our latest hardware and powerful body temperature surveillance tech.

And what's best, to support our Partners at ZKTeco Europe we are offering free licenses of ZKBioAccess IVS (up to 5 doors) to help you keep going.

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ZKTeco Access Control Software with new features

Here are some of the new features of our access control software ZKBioAccess IVS and ZKBioSecurity:

  • New temperature detection modules to manage real-time data from all access control devices, including body temperature measurements in your installations.
  • Inclusion of VMS modules which supports thermal cameras like ZN-T5/W and our NVR systems.
  • With these updates, when you are using ProFace-X TD or SpeedFace-V5L TD access control devices, a photo is captured and sent to the software. This way a security guard utilizing this equipment can automatically identify the face of the person who has given a higher-than-normal temperature reading.
  • A free license. Now when you purchase ProFace X [TD] or SpeedFace V5L [TD] we will supply you with a free license for ZKBioAccess IVS (up to 5 doors) including its temperature detection module.
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Supported devices

ZKBioAccess IVS + ZKBioSecurity with Touchless biometric solutions

ProFace-X [TD] Body Temperature measurement & Mask Detection terminal with palm and face recognition

SpeedFace V5L [TD] Body Temperature measurement & Mask Detection terminal with palm, fingerprint and face recognition

ZN-T5/W Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera

SBTL8033 [TD] Touchless Entrance Control Solution compatible with ProFace X [TD] and SpeedFace V5L [TD]

CCTV standard products Standard series of ZKTeco's network cameras and NVR

New Temperature Detection Modules ZKBioAccess IVS + ZKBioSecurity, ZKTeco, ZKTeco Europe, Access Control software,

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