ZKTeco's new PV10R Near-Infrared Biometrics Palm Scanner

ZKTeco's new PV10R Near-infrared Biometrics Palm Scanner

ZKTeco launches PV10R, a new biometrics palm scanner for capturing highly accurate palm and vein features. PV10R has state-of-the-art touchless biometric technology to capture palm and vein images under the palm skin, offering excellent anti-spoofing performance.

This new palm scanner has a built-in high-performance low-power-consumption processor with a frequency of up to 400MHz, and a USB interface for power supply and communication, supporting a mainstream operating system. It uses a near-infrared fill light, a wide dynamic image sensor, and an aspherical distortion-free camera optical system.

PV10R ZKTeco biometrics palm scanners

PV10R supports standard USB communication, making it easy to implement palm-vein recognition. ZKTeco biometrics palm scanners are an excellent solution to meet the increasing demand for contactless, user-friendly security verification systems for companies and enterprises.

KTeco's new PV10R Near-infrared Biometrics Palm Scanner


  • Biometric compact touchless technology that is easy to use
  • Built-in distance detection sensor to reduce standby power consumption
  • High-level accuracy of user identification
  • Supports 6,000 templates
  • Wide dynamic image sensor to adjust ambient light brightness
  • Palm recognition range from 20cm to 35cm
  • Captures high-quality palm images even when palms are dry or wet
  • External injuries do not affect palm-vein verification

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