Meet ZKTeco's FR1500S Waterproof Fingerprint Reader Biometrics

Meet ZKTeco's FR1500S Waterproof Fingerprint Reader Biometrics

ZKTeco's FR1500S waterproof fingerprint reader is here! An ideal fingerprint reader with Z-ID Fingerprint Sensor, Stainless Steel front casing and IP65 protection for outdoor installation and superior resistance.The new FR1500S waterproof fingerprint reader is a unique, highly-secure and cost-effective solution for more convenient Access Control and Time Attendance.

FR1500S: ZKTeco's New Waterproof Fingerprint Reader with RFID, Biometrics and IP65 protection

FR1500S is designed for both biometrics and RFID verification security and fits for multiple applications as external readers in Access Control and Time Attendance systems. This fingerprint reader allows easy replacement into existing systems, with RS485 communication interface enabling multiple device connections.

The perfect complement for inBio/inBioPro controllers and standalone fingerprint devices to provide your access control systems with the advantage of managing RFID and biometric technologies at the same time.


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  • Z-ID Fingerprint Sensor
  • Single gang junction box installation
  • RS485 Communication Interface
  • Stainless steel frontcasing to ensure maximum durability
  • IP65 protection, dust tight and water resistant
  • Flush-mounted design for neat installation
  • Supports both biometric fingerprints 13,56MHz and 125kHz RFID cards
  • Compatibility: inBio/inBioPro controllers, standalone fingerprint devices

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