ZKTeco LPR Car ID + ProBG3000 Vehicle Access Management Solution

ZKTeco LPR Car ID + ProBG3000 Vehicle Access Management Solution

Controlling all aspects of vehicle access has become as important as high-security visitor identification. At ZKTeco we've developed an 'all-in-one' vehicle access management solution for advanced license plate recognition and entrance control: LPR Car ID + ProBG 3000.

Deliver a fast & easier set-up, allowing visitors and customers to achieve high performance with lower installation, maintenance and off-site programming costs.

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Advantages of LPR Car ID + ProBG3000: 'All-in-one' efficient Vehicle Access Management

Here are some of the advantages of our 'all-in-one' system for vehicle access management, automation, surveillance and monitoring solutions:

Ideal solution for license plate traffic surveillance and gate automation
LPR software embedded in LPR Car ID
LPR Car ID has black/white list control to enable ProBG3000 barrier functions associated with authorized or non-authorized vehicles
Allows integration with server / cloud based solutions
Scalable solution with primary / secondary cameras
Supports 3rd party integration (Milestone and Lenel)
Identifies plates from more than +80 countries

LPR Car ID License Plate Recognition Camera features

ZKTeco’s high-performance camera LPR Car ID with an embedded License Plate Recognition application has the following features:

Live View

ZK-LPR Car ID allows real-time monitoring of alphanumeric license plates captured by the camera, issuing reports with plate recognition data.

LPR Car ID + ProBG3000 'All-in-one' efficient Vehicle Access Management


Monitor and review LPR history data

The licences plate recognition history data can be stored for retrieval and review. Different filters can be enabled for this purpuse, such as: Date, time, country of origin.

ZKTeco 'all-in-one' efficient Vehicle Access Management Solution

Configure lists and linkage actions

The system allows to create an unlimited number of event lists and assign different actions like, for example, opening/closing barriers sending a signal via HTTP or simple integrations with 3rd party companies like Milestone or Lenel.

All linkages can be activated by limited time periods and lists can be exported or imported from other devices.

ProBG3000: High-speed barrier gate for vehicle entrance control

ZKTeco 'all-in-one' efficient Vehicle Access Management Solution

3m 90º Folding Boom: ProBG3000 gate’s opening / closing speed are lightning-fast and can widely adjust from 0.9s-10s, depends on vehicle flow and boom length.1s opening & closing speed most suitable for different types of underground parking lots.

Smart interaction signals: Built-in LED indicator light and LED strip can switch the color according to the barrier gate’s state. Supports 3 different barrier length: 3m, 4.5m and 6m.

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